WPS Smart Farms is a pilot program that offers resources, tools and financial incentives to help farm customers complete energy-efficiency projects on their farm. Starting August 13, 2012, through December 31, 2013, eligible customers can take advantage of the many program benefits.

  • One-on-one relationship with a knowledgeable, experienced energy advisor.
  • Free walk-through energy assessment of your farm, with a same-day report.
  • Installation management for recommended projects.
  • Ability to implement more comprehensive retrofits.
  • Standard Focus on Energy incentives, the WPS Energy Bundle Bonus, plus a WPS Smart Farms Bonus Incentive — which is double the normal custom incentive ($250 per kW, $0.08 per kWh and $.80 per therm). The Smart Farm Bonus Incentive is available for each project up to $10,000. When combined, these incentives will pay up to 60% of a project's cost per customer per location.

    For example: A dairy farm completes a $10,000 lighting project and receives a $1,000 standard incentive from Focus on Energy. Based on energy savings, the Smart Farms Bonus Incentive could pay up to an additional $5,000 without exceeding 60% of the total project cost.

Project Eligibility

If you are a WPS agriculture customer in good standing on an electric or natural gas rate*, you may qualify for the Smart Farms program. Examples of eligible agriculture producers are aquaculture, beef/veal, dairy, equine, greenhouse, poultry and swine.

Incentives are available for:

  • Retrofit of functioning equipment.
  • Replacement of failed or non-functioning equipment or new equipment (building expansion) where the incremental cost inhibits the purchase of efficient equipment.

All equipment must be new. New or rebuilt equipment is not eligible for an incentive. Renewable incentives are not available for this pilot program.

Get Started

Call 888-391-8702 and speak with a Smart Farms energy advisor today to learn more and schedule your free energy assessment. Visit Focus on Energy for more information on available incentives and programs.

All agriculture rates except Gas Transportation, seasonal gas rates or CP-1 electric rate class are eligible for the Smart Farms program.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.