WPS is committed to safety for our employees and the communities we serve. We recognize public safety response agencies today are often faced with increasing budget constraints. In response to this, Wisconsin Public Service Foundation is supporting local public safety response agencies with the Safety - It's Worth The Energy grant. The grant was established in 2014 in conjunction with the Foundation's 50th anniversary. Since that time, 60 departments have received $103,500 in support.


  • All organizations must provide emergency response services in the WPS gas and/or electric service area.
  • County, local and volunteer fire, law enforcement and rescue agencies are encouraged to apply.


Grants may be used to purchase equipment and professional development, but should be part of a well-planned and integrated public safety initiative. Projects must be special, one-time, safety-related efforts. Any equipment purchased with this grant must stay in the ownership of the department for a minimum of 5 years unless it is consumable or becomes expired. The maximum grant amount awarded will be $2,000 per project and must be used within 2 years. Organizations previously awarded an It's Worth The Energy Safety Grant are eligible to apply, however, it must be for a new project proposal. Only one grant application per organization will be accepted.

Criteria And Judging

Online application will ask for the following questions:

  • Organization Name (entity which holds nonprofit or government status).
  • EIN or Federal Tax Identification Number.
  • Organization Description. Please include size of organization, location served, etc. (15 points)
  • Project Summary. Please be descriptive. (20 points)
  • Who will directly benefit from these funds? Include geographic area or region. (20 points)
  • Project budget and timeline for funds to be used. Please be descriptive. Please list additional funding sources. (20 points)
  • What is the expected impact of this project? How will this grant support safety initiatives in your community? (20 points)
  • How will you acknowledge the Wisconsin Public Service Foundation? (5 points)

What Would Be Considered For Funding?

  • Lifesaving equipment such as: AED, Jaws of Life, CO detecting equipment, thermal imaging cameras, pediatric IV kits, night vision cameras, job related safety gear including masks, helmets, coveralls and fire resistant suits, ballistic vests, etc.
  • Professional Development/Training inclusive of registration fees, tuition, on-site trainer's fees etc.

What Would Not Be Considered For Funding?

Emergency generators, capital projects such as; new buildings and large vehicle purchases, real estate, endowments, software, T-shirts or other promotional items, travel fees, stipends and/or meals.

If you have read our guidelines, click the apply for a grant button. Apply between May 16 - June 30. Winners are notified by Sept 1.

Apply For A Grant


If you have questions, email the Foundation Administrator.

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