WPS helps local communities because we believe "It's Worth the Energy." When we share our time, knowledge and resources, we help sustain our communities and enrich our neighbors' lives. Here are some examples.

Helping Boy Scouts "Be Prepared" Since 1952

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Every year, WPS offers Electricity Merit Badge Clinics. The clinics are popular, because it's hard to earn the Electricity Merit Badge without proper guidance and instruction. Several weeks before the clinics, kits and materials introduce the scouts to the topic of electricity. The scouts are asked to make five things at home, such as a simple electromagnet, and they're asked to conduct an electric safety inspection in their home.

During the clinic, line electricians, engineers and other WPS volunteers help the scouts learn:

  • How to read an electric meter and calculate a bill
  • How to draw floor plans of a typical house showing various electrical symbols,
  • Why a fuse blows and how to safely change one,
  • What happens when you overload a household circuit,
  • How to rescue a person in contact with a live wire in the home
  • How to administer proper first-aid treatment

Over the last 60 years, WPS has helped more than 6,000 Boy Scouts earn their Electricity Merit Badge.

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Inspiring the Future at Franklin Middle School

Our Community Stories

WPS and Franklin Middle School, in Green Bay, have partnered together for students for more than 20 years. It's one of the longest-lasting business-education partnerships in the Greater Green Bay Area.

WPS employees share their experience of work and education with Franklin's diverse student body of 765 students, more than half qualifying for low-income assistance.

Franklin students visit WPS, where they job-shadow employees for a day. Employees go to the school to teach special classes, including "Why Math Is Important, "Geography Days" and "The Economics of Staying in School."

And for a few weeks each spring, Franklin students' artwork is displayed in the WPS lunchroom. The exhibit is celebrated with a reception for students and parents. And several pieces of art are chosen to be framed and hung in the WPS offices until the next year.

The Franklin Middle School art show began because WPS and the school believed it was important to showcase the students' art outside the school building.

Linda Jaworski-Pecht, the art teacher behind the art show since it began, explains the art show offers students "a way to see their art through the eyes of someone besides their parents and teachers."

"It gives them a special environment for their art, because they get to leave the school campus and see their art in a professional way."

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Distributing Homes for Wood Ducks

Our Community Stories

Each spring, WPS distributes hundreds of wood duck houses throughout north-central Wisconsin. Environmentally focused residents donate $10 to Ducks Unlimited, and in exchange receive a wood duck house and can sign up a child for free for the Ducks Unlimited Greenwing program.

WPS partners with Ducks Unlimited and McNaughton Correctional Facility, which builds the wood duck houses. The aim is to provide homes for wood ducks and to keep kids involved in the great outdoors.

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Challenging the Community

Our Community Stories

The WPS Energy Challenge is a grant opportunity for non-profit community groups. WPS challenges local groups to complete three tasks in energy efficiency and weatherization. Participating groups install 10 weatherization kits (provided by WPS) in community members' homes. They also attempt to decrease their energy use and secure new enrollments for e-Bill or Budget Billing programs.

Groups that complete the challenge are awarded a $1,000 grant. The five groups that save the most energy are each awarded a $1,500 grant. Participating organizations find that along with the decrease in energy use, a substantial increase in energy awareness was realized as minor lifestyle changes by each individual resulted in cumulative energy saving totals.

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