Plug-in electric vehicles (or PEVs) are an exciting option for drivers. With new models hitting the market, you may have questions for WPS. WPS has partnered with the Electric Power Research Institute to test the Chevy Volt.

  • Types Of Vehicles
    All electric vehicles, or EV, use a battery and electric motor, either alone or in combination with a gas engine, to propel the vehicle.
  • Charging Your Vehicle
    The Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment (EVSE), a separate external unit in the form of a wall charger or charging station, is what safely connects the vehicle to a home or business electrical service to recharge.
  • Rate Options
    Although we don't offer an electric rate specific to electric vehicle owners, our Three-Tier Time-of-Use rate option can help you reduce the cost of charging your PEV.
  • Benefits Of Going Electric
    Plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) are good for the environment, producing fewer pollutants than standard vehicles.