When compared with other fuels, natural gas is usually the most economical choice. Replacing your electric appliances with natural gas may result in big savings on your energy bill.

  Average Annual
Electric Cost
Average Annual
Natural Gas Cost
Annual Savings*
Furnace $2,050 $664 $1,386
Water Heater $475 $212 $245
Clothes Dryer $99 $28 $71
Range $101 $32 $69

* Actual savings will vary based on weather, equipment efficiencies, lifestyle, habits and other factors.


  1. Based on average year-round residential customer.
  2. Based on actual 2013 WPS gas rates and 2014 WPS Standard electric rates.
  3. Based on average use for a household of four.
  4. Water temperature set at 125 degrees; furnace set at 70°.
  5. Average equipment efficiencies: 95% Furnace, 85% Water Heater.

Why Most Customers Choose Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the most versatile, dependable sources of energy available. Find out more about the value of natural gas.

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