The Safety Power Pack

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WPS knows how strongly firefighting professionals value safety education. To help you and your department, we've developed the WPS Safety Power Pack, an educational resource you can use to promote awareness of energy safety at public events.

Available FREE to any fire department in the WPS service territory, each Safety Power Pack includes:

  • (50) Children's Electricity Safety Activity Sheets
  • (50) Children's Safety Natural Gas Activity Sheets
  • (50) Children's Electricity Safety Handouts
  • (50) Children's Natural Gas Safety Handouts
  • (25) Safety and Savings Info Pack for Parents
  • (50) Take a Second for Safety Pencils
  • (25) Notepads for the whole family

WPS encourages you to consider all your safety education events when ordering your Safety Power Packs, to ensure you have enough materials to supply each of your school and firehouse activities in the coming year.

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(Each Power Pack serves 50 children and 25 parents.)


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