Weston 3 ReACT emission control project

We upgraded the emission control system on the Weston Unit 3 electric generator at Weston Power Plant from 2013 to 2016. The Weston Power Plant is located in the villages of Kronenwetter and Rothschild in Marathon County in central Wisconsin.

November 2016 — Commercial operation
A major milestone was achieved at the Weston Power Plant on Nov. 4, when Unit 3’s Regenerative Activated Coke Technology (ReACT) facility went into commercial operation. ReACT was the first air quality control system of its kind in the United States. WPS broke ground on ReACT in October 2013 following approval by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

With ReACT in service, Weston 3’s emissions meet or exceed all applicable environmental standards. ReACT has significantly reduced sulfur dioxide (SO₂), nitrogen oxide (NOx), mercury (Hg) and other emissions from Weston 3’s exhaust flow. The new system is in addition to the existing exhaust controls of the Weston 3 fabric filter (bag house installed in 2000), the low NOx burners and separated over-fire air system (installed in 2009), and the mercury control system (installed in 2009).

The system uses activated coke pellets on a slow moving conveyor system. As the boiler’s exhaust passes over the conveyor system, the SO₂, NOx and mercury attaches to and is adsorbed into the pellets. The pellets then are collected and heated, and the emissions are broken down and isolated in a byproduct recovery system, where they are treated and kept for potential beneficial reuse.

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