Reading your meter

Most customers in the WPS service territory have digital electric and natural gas meters.

Digital meters are much like reading your vehicle's odometer. Reading from left to right, simply write down the last 5 or 6 numbers shown. The difference between the new reading and the last one is your monthly energy use.

The reading in the example below is 004503:

Sample meter with reading of 004503

Automatic meter reading

We use automatic meter reading in all the communities we serve. The meters transmit your monthly meter reading to us over our power lines. This provides accurate billing and reduces estimated readings.

Estimated readings

At times, we may be unable to read your meter and need to estimate your bill, based on past use and recent weather conditions. Differences between the estimated reading and your actual use will be accounted for with your next actual meter read.

Customer reading

Registered users can submit a meter reading online. If you have any questions, call 800-450-7260.