SolarWise for Schools

Teach students about renewable energy and helping the environment.

The best way to leave a healthy planet for future generations is to teach young people to become good stewards of the environment. WPS’s SolarWise for Schools is an award-winning solar and renewable energy education program for high schools in our service area.

SolarWise for Schools supports:

How does SolarWise make an impact?

Over 20 years, each SolarWise school will:

  • Produce 60,000 kilowatt-hours of clean electricity.
  • Save nearly $7,000 in energy costs ($300 to $400 yearly).
  • Avoid 48.4 metric tons of carbon-dioxide emissions.
  • Educate over 1,000 students in renewable energy.

For teachers and students

Access our online resources to make teaching and learning about solar energy easy and fun.


For information on the SolarWise for Schools program, call us at 800-450-7260 or send us an email.