What's covered?

Maintaining an electrical system is a lot like farm machinery maintenance: Without regular attention and necessary repairs, it may fail prematurely. And there certainly is a lot that can go wrong.

The WPS Farm Rewiring program is designed to help you correct your farm's wiring problems.

The minimum requirements for the Farm Rewiring program include:

  1. Four-wire service to barn and all sub-panels.
  2. All Midwest pole-top switches must be replaced.
  3. Overcurrent protection required for all underground services and feeders on each end.
  4. Grade level installations not meeting fault current levels require a current limit disconnect.

Qualifying work can include — but is not limited to — the following:

  • Replacing aluminum wire with copper.
  • Increasing service wire size to reduce voltage drop.
  • Correcting electrical code violations.
  • Correcting sub-panel wiring.
  • Installing energy-efficient lighting and equipment.
  • Installing equipotential planes.
  • Replacing 120V load with 240V load.
  • Upgrading to three-phase service. (Contact your agricultural consultant for details.)
  • Repairing bad connections.
  • Consolidating multiple services in the barn to a single service.
  • Inspection costs.
  • Other items pre-approved by a WPS agricultural consultant.

What isn't covered?

Some of the work that does not qualify under the WPS Farm Rewiring program includes:

  • Installing mitigating equipment, such as isolation transformers, neutral isolators, "grounding rings", electronic grounding systems, etc.
  • Moving transformers away from major loads.
  • Increasing WPS transformer size unnecessarily.
  • Removing underground primary conductors.
  • Wiring done on new construction projects.