Program details

If you're interested in participating in the Farm Rewiring program, WPS will work with you through every step. Here's how the program works:

  1. Contact your WPS agricultural consultant to initiate the program process and offer recommendations.
  2. Contact a qualified electrician* participating in the program sponsored by WPS. Your agricultural consultant can provide you with a list of qualified electricians. All work must be done by a qualified electrician.
  3. Stray voltage investigation scheduled and performed by WPS.
  4. Agricultural consultant reviews the comprehensive test results with you and your electrician.
  5. Receive bids from qualified electricians and choose a qualified electrician for your project.
  6. An energy audit will be performed on your farm. Participants will learn how to cut energy costs well into the future. The Farm Rewiring program covers the cost of changes made based on energy audit recommendations.
  7. Send a copy of your electrician's bill to your agricultural consultant.
  8. Inspection by a state electrical inspector or state certified commercial electrical inspector, followed by a notice to your agricultural consultant indicating that work is completed and code compliance is met.
  9. Once your agricultural consultant receives a copy of the electrician's bill and inspector's report, he/she will calculate the grant amount and initiate the loan, if applicable. A two-party check from WPS will be mailed to you if the bill is not marked as paid. (Note: No money will be paid until work is completed and inspected. Farmers need to work with their electrician to make initial financial arrangement.)
  10. Follow-up stray voltage investigation by WPS upon request. Findings will be submitted to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin for review.
  11. Customers who have already participated in the Farm Rewiring program are allowed to participate again after a five-year period, as long as their initial farm-rewiring loan has been paid in full.

* Qualified electricians are ones who have successfully completed the 18-hour Farmstead Rewiring course sponsored by the DATCP.