Why bills vary

Factors affecting your energy bill month to month or year to year include:

  • Seasonal changes. Winter’s cooler temperatures can result in more natural gas use to warm your home and heat your water. Summer’s warmer temperatures can result in more electricity use to cool your home. Reduced sunlight in winter also can increase lighting use for longer periods of time.
  • Additional appliance or equipment use. Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, swimming pool pumps and hot tubs increase electric use in summer months. New appliances, such as a TV or second refrigerator, also can increase your energy bill.
  • Appliance efficiency. Older, less efficient appliances use more energy. Replacing them with high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® units can reduce your energy use.
  • Living habit changes. Keeping guests comfortable during an extended stay may mean turning up the heat, using more lights or cooking more meals. Washing and drying more clothes or taking more baths or showers can increase energy use as well. Growing children who are using more electronic games and mobile devices also can increase electricity use.
  • Billing days. The number of days between your monthly meter readings may vary slightly, which can impact your bill. Refer to your bill for the number of billing days included and how that compares with the same month last year.
  • Energy rate changes. Even small changes to energy prices can impact your energy bill.