Wisconsin rebates and programs

Focus on Energy, in partnership with WPS, offers energy efficiency rebates and programs to help businesses reduce their energy use and costs.

Program name Who is it for Business types What is included
Small Business program Businesses with average monthly consumption of 40,000 kWh or less during July and August. Churches, day cares, restaurants, small hotels, laundromats, offices, strip mall tenants and more Enhanced incentives on select business program measures for compressed air, refrigeration, HVAC and lighting. Low- and no-cost offerings.
Business Incentive program Small and medium businesses with up to 1,000 kW of demand per month. Medium-sized industrial facilities, commercial spaces, and more Incentives for many types of energy-efficient lighting, HVAC, compressed air, and refrigeration upgrades and installations. New construction is also eligible for incentives.
Large Energy Users program Large businesses with energy usage over 1,000 kW per month. Large industrial facilities, healthcare facilities, universities, wastewater facilities and more Offers individual customer support. Coordinate with customer's WPS account manager.
Agriculture, Schools and Government Agriculture, school and government facilities with average peak monthly electric demand up to 1,000 kW. Large institutions may qualify for the Large Energy Users program. Agricultural Producers, Tribes, Federal, State, County, and Municipal Entities, K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities Incentives for energy-efficient equipment including lighting, heating and cooling systems, variable speed drives, commercial refrigeration, and specific agricultural equipment.
Multifamily Multifamily properties (4+Units): Owners, managers, maintenance staff Apartments, condos and student housing Various building assessments, direct-install and incentives available. New construction is eligible for incentives.
Design Assistance program Designers, architects, building owners, and developers Any Energy simulations and modeling before new building or major renovation is constructed. Incentives for design teams and building owners.