Install energy-efficient windows

Though a relatively costly upgrade, properly installed ENERGY STAR® windows can make a home more energy efficient by reducing drafts and maintaining even temperatures. They also allow the sun to help heat your home, and retain that heat during the winter.

Skill level: Professional
Work with a contractor to choose ENERGY STAR certified windows for energy savings and improved comfort. If you currently aren't in a position to replace existing windows, you still can improve efficiency by sealing gaps, adding storm windows and using window coverings that hold in heat.
Cost range: $150-$500 each + installation
Homeowners have access to a wide variety of style, quality, and efficiency levels.
Savings: $146-$501 a year when replacing single-pane windows
Upgrading the energy efficiency of your windows can cut your annual energy costs, while also protecting your interior from fading and reducing condensation that damages sills.