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About WPS

Established in 1883, Wisconsin Public Service, a subsidiary of WEC Energy Group, is a regulated natural gas and electric utility. We serve approximately 443,000 electric customers and 321,000 natural gas customers within our 12,000-square-mile service area. Customers served are residential, farm, commercial, industrial and wholesale.

Electric service

WPS owns and operates approximately 21,700 miles of electric distribution lines, and 124 distribution substations. And, electric operations account for 80% of our 2012 revenues.

Natural gas service

WPS owns and operates approximately 7,950 miles of distribution and transmission main (75% is plastic main), 86 natural gas distribution and transmission gate stations, and approximately 299,000 natural gas lateral services. As with electric, our natural gas rates are very competitive with neighboring utilities.

Electric and natural gas rates

WPS's rates are the lowest in the state of Wisconsin among all investor-owned utilities for large industrial customers. WPS works hard to keep costs as low as possible for all our customers. And, we offer a diverse generation mix that helps us keep those costs down. In fact, over the past five years, WPS's electric rates have been relatively flat, and gas distribution rates have actually fallen.

WPS Historical Electric Rate Changes

Year Overall Residential
2009 0.00% 0.00%
2010 0.00% 0.00%
2011 0.61% 0.44%
2012 0.85% 0.00%
2013* 0.00% 0.00%
2014** -1.31% -1.56%

* Rate increase offset by 2012 fuel refund.

** Rate increase offset by 2013 fuel refund and decoupling mechanism.

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Renewable energy

WPS generates electricity with a variety of renewable resources.

Our NatureWise program provides businesses an option to use environmentally friendly electricity from wind and biogas. Your business can purchase "blocks" of renewable energy on a monthly basis or use NatureWise to "green" an event or process. NatureWise is a simple way to make portions of your business "green" — possibly attracting new customers who require products made with renewable energy.

Telecommunications service

The WPS service area has numerous long-haul and interconnected fiber networks and dark fiber providers, along with a variety of telecommunications providers, ensures carrier neutrality: any carrier can easily connect to in-place networks or partner with several local ILECs (incumbent local exchange carriers) or CLECs (competitive local exchange carriers) to build custom connectivity. Wisconsin is home to 85 ILECs and 169 CLECs.

Additionally, MERIT networks, located in Michigan, was awarded over $69 million to provide a 10Gbps network to Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas and other interconnecting points between Green Bay's fiber network.

  • Long -haul providers on this route include Level 3 (Global Crossing), XO Communications, Paetec (Windstream); CenturyLink (Quest), AT&T, Verizon Business, US Signal and Earthlink Business.

Water and sewer

There are ample water and sewer services to meet the needs of residential, farm, commercial and industrial clients. Industries like food production, paper and agribusiness in our region are supported by municipal water utilities.

Access to fresh water is increasingly vital to a successful economy and quality of life. Being connected to the Great Lakes gives our region unique water resources including 309 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. Everyone here benefits from abundant amounts of high-quality water.