Business EV Charger Pilot Program


Our electric vehicle (EV) charger pilot program can help your business offset the upfront costs associated with installing EV charging stations for your fleet, employee, customer or public use at your facility.

The program offers credits to help pay for customer costs of utility upgrades as well as provides possible rebates for customer facility electrical work.

The pilot program includes two parts:

  1. Offset upfront costs: The program offers credits to help pay for customer costs.
  2. Charging equipment (optional): Customers may purchase, install and maintain their own chargers to participate in this program, or choose to have us provide, install and maintain the chargers, by paying for equipment and installation costs up front or through a monthly fee on your energy bill.

Eligibility requirements

  • Customer commits to installing a minimum of four ports or 50kW of new Level 2 or DC fast chargers. An additional electric meter to measure charging electric use is required.
  • Customer must be on one of the following rates:
    • Cg-1, Cg-1RR, Cg3-OTOU, Cg-5, Cg-5RR, Cg-20, Cg-20RR and CP
  • Business must be located in Wisconsin and receive service from Wisconsin Public Service.
  • Customer must be in good standing, i.e. cannot have any delinquent electric bills or disconnections in the past twelve months.

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EV charger program application

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Does this program set up a new, EV-specific rate for commercial customers?
No. You continue to pay for electricity through our existing electric rates. Depending upon the usage of the EV charging equipment, you may qualify for a different electric rate in the future. If your EV charging is installed as a part of a new service, the new service may have a different electric rate than what the rest of your business uses.

How is the amount of my allowance calculated?
We will work with you to determine the allowance you may be eligible for.

Do you offer rebates for purchasing electric vehicles?
No. This pilot program assists customers with costs associated with installing EV charging equipment. Check these resources for available electric vehicle incentives: and

Do you offer rebates to help pay for the chargers?
No. Our program is designed to assist business customers with the costs for utility upgrades and customer electrical work. Customers who use EV chargers through our program may prepay for the chargers and installation or bundle costs over time.

What if I already have EV charging equipment?
Any existing charging equipment would not qualify. If you add charging equipment in the future, the new equipment would be eligible.