EV program pricing

Fees may change over time.

Charger-Only (COEV-R)

The EV charger is billed on an EV-specific Time-of-Use rate. The rest of your home’s electric load remains on the standard rate.

Peak periods

All customers served on this rate schedule will have the following on-, intermediate- and off-peak periods:

  Start time End time Days
On-peak Noon 8 p.m. Monday-Friday, excluding holidays
Intermediate-peak 8 a.m. Noon All days
Intermediate-peak 8 p.m. Midnight All days
Intermediate-peak Noon 8 p.m. Saturday-Sunday and holidays
Off-peak Midnight 8 a.m. All days


Fixed service and administration charge, per month.

Bundled service   $20
Pre-paid service   $8
Energy charges, per kWh June-September October-May
On-peak $0.25145 $0.13786
Intermediate-peak $0.13786 $0.13786
Off-peak $0.06223 $0.06223

Standard residential electric pricing (Rg1)

Customer Charge, per day $0.58915
Energy Charge, per kWh $0.13213
Fuel Cost Adjustment, per kWh $0.00

Whole-House (WHEV-R)

The EV charger is billed on the same Time-of-Use rate as the rest of your home’s electric load.

Time-of-Use options

Three-level pricing program