Outdoor lighting

WPS currently owns and maintains over 50,000 outdoor lights for more than 10,000 customers. We can help you create an outdoor lighting system that’s efficient, well-planned and suited to your situation.

We offer outdoor lighting products for residential, business and municipal customers.

  • Street lighting: Available to municipalities and other government units within our service area for lighting roadways, alleys and public areas.
  • Area lighting: Available to all other customers for use on private property, such as parking lots or storage yards.

We offer two main categories of lights, based on whether they are installed on new or existing poles.

  • Standard lights: Fixtures installed on our existing wood poles.
  • Nonstandard lights: Fixtures installed on new poles in areas where an existing utility pole is not present or a more decorative look is desired.

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Prior to installation

Our complete lighting system design ensures proper operating voltage for start-up and reliable operation, and follows all appropriate electrical codes and local permitting rules. We will provide a quote if additional poles or service conductors are required. Upon request, we are able to calculate anticipated lighting levels to meet design requirements.


Complete our application for new service for your outdoor lighting project.

For more information, call:
Residential customers: 800-450-7260
Business or municipality customers: 877-444-0888


Our crews install and connect lights directly to the distribution system, eliminating the need for expensive service equipment and monthly meter charges. We provide all necessary labor, equipment and machinery. High quality, utility-grade materials are installed by trained, certified and insured union members. Digger’s Hotline is used, when needed, to locate underground facilities.


Your monthly cost covers replacement of poles, fixtures and conductors due to premature failure, weather or other factors.

Note: We may pursue a claim for some accidents. Vandalism repairs are covered, but repeated vandalism will result in additional charges. We reserve the right to remove poles or fixtures for repeated damage.

Cost after installation

Monthly charges are fixed rates that make budget forecasting easier. They are based upon the estimated cost of the equipment, maintenance and energy consumed. If preferred, a separate lighting account can be created for you. All new lighting installations are LED and billed under rate LS-1.

Other considerations

Lighting applications and agreements must be signed by the property owner. All lighting agreements have a three-year term. Removal or other changes within the initial term will generally incur an associated cost to the customer.

Temporary, seasonal, switched or variably dimmed lighting is not offered.

Emergency or outage concerns

Emergency response to hazardous conditions is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also respond to non-hazardous lighting outages within 72 hours through our online reporting system. There is no waiting for a contractor to call back or provide a quote.

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