Outdoor lighting

WPS currently owns and maintains over 50,000 outdoor lights for more than 10,000 municipal, commercial, industrial and residential customers. We can help you create an outdoor lighting system that’s efficient, well-planned and suited to your situation.

We will meet all of your outdoor lighting needs, including:

  • Working with you to design a lighting plan to meet your budget and situation
  • Installing proven, high-quality material
  • Providing energy
  • Providing ongoing maintenance within 72 hours of your call


Complete our application for new service for your outdoor lighting project.

For more information, call:
Residential customers: 800-450-7260
Business or municipality customers: 877-444-0888

All new lighting installations will be LED, under rate LS-1. LED lighting provides higher light output even at lower temperatures for increased reliability. The light output is more easily captured and directed towards the intended roadway or area. And the lighting has improved color rendering for security cameras.

All WPS-owned lights must be mounted to WPS-owned poles.

LED Cobra light — standard street and area lighting

The Cobra light provides an oval-shaped lighting pattern that’s ideal for improving traffic and pedestrian safety along roadways, crosswalks, parking lots, barn yards and long, rural driveways. It is designed to focus light on the area you choose, while minimizing light that could affect neighbors. Available in gray or black.

Lumen output:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

LED cobra light
Medium output shown

Medium Cobra at 30-foot mounting height graph
Medium Cobra at 30-foot mounting height

LED yard light — area security lighting

The yard light has a 360-degree light pattern that provides security lighting at low cost. It is an ideal option for rural homes on large lots. A 4-inch acrylic lens to shield from glare is included.

Lumen output: Low

yard light
Low output shown

Low yard light at 25-foot mounting height graph
Low yard light at 25-foot mounting height

Directional floodlight — focused area lighting

The directional floodlight has a high concentration of light to a focused area, making it ideal for grounds and parking lots. Floodlights can be configured in a variety of ways to meet specific coverage needs, such as on building facades and in loading areas.

Lumen output:

  • Medium
  • High

flood light
Medium output shown

Medium floodlight at 30-foot mounting height graph
Medium floodlight at 30-foot mounting height