Wood chips

To recycle our wood chips as completely and efficiently as possible, we deliver a full load or multiple full loads of chips to you when we’re in your area with full truckloads.

  • A full load is approximately 6-7 cubic yards. (see image 1)
  • The wood chip mix includes ground up tree wood, bark, needles and leaves. (see image 2)
  • We can only dump chips on private property, not on roads or other public rights of way.
  • To preserve your property and our equipment, we dump chips only where there is adequate truck access. (see image 3)
pile of wood chips next to wheelbarrow

Image 1

handful of wood chips

Image 2

Asplundh truck

Image 3

To request a truckload of wood chips, contact us at 800-450-7260 or email us at customerservice@wisconsinpublicservice.com. We will add you to our list. Please tell us:

  • The best number for us to contact you when we are in your area with a full truckload.
  • Where the load should be dumped (e.g., end of driveway, north side of lot, etc.).