Peaking power plants

Peaking power plants provide electricity only when our customers' electric needs reach a "peak." These plants can be started and shut off by remote control in a matter of minutes.

Jet engines used as peaking units are similar to the engines in jet aircraft. Diesel engines used for this purpose are much like the engines in railroad locomotives. Because peaking plants run on more expensive fuels, they are used only during times of need and are immediately shut off when the need for electricity declines. The fuel used by the peaking plants burns cleanly, minimizing pollutants in the environment.

Peaking Power Plant First year of service Fuel Total MW (WPS MW)
De Pere Energy Center
Combustion Turbine - DEC
Natural Gas/Fuel Oil
192.3 (192.3)
Pulliam Power Plant
Natural Gas/Fuel Oil
91 (91)
West Marinette
2 Jet Engines - WM31
2 Jet Engines - WM32
Gas Turbine - WM33
Natural Gas/Fuel Oil
Natural Gas/Fuel Oil
Natural Gas/Fuel Oil
41.8 (41.8)
41.8 (41.8)
103.5 (103.5)
187.1 (187.1)
Total WPS peaking capacity (Nameplate) = 470.4 MW