Generation facilities

WPS produces electricity using many sources, including coal, natural gas, wind, water, solar and biogas.

  • Coal-fired power plants
    Most of the electricity WPS customers use comes from coal-fired power plants. Weston 4, our newest unit, is one of the cleanest coal-fired power plants in the country!
  • Fox Energy Center
    The Fox Energy Center, located in Wrightstown, is a natural gas fueled electric generating plant.
  • Hydroelectric power plants
    Learn how hydropower works.
  • Peaking power plants
    Our peaking plants provide power only when our customers' needs for electricity reach a "peak."
  • Wind power
    Wind power is a growing source of energy for the future.
  • Solar power
    Solar power is a growing energy resource.

Electric distribution

Have you ever wondered how electricity gets to your home or business? Generating and distributing electricity is a complex process:

  1. Electricity is generated using coal, natural gas or other fuels.
  2. High-voltage power lines carry the generated electricity to various service areas.
  3. Transformers reduce the voltage before the electricity is moved to neighborhood distribution lines.
  4. Distribution lines further reduce the voltage and deliver electricity to individual homes and businesses.
Generation/distribution flow