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Two Creeks Solar Park

WPS is the majority owner and operator of Two Creeks Solar Park, a 150-megawatt solar energy facility located in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. The facility made history in November 2020, becoming the first large-scale solar park to begin operations in Wisconsin.

Project details

Two Creeks Solar Park features approximately 500,000 solar panels spread across 800 acres near the shores of Lake Michigan. The facility is capable of producing 150 MW of solar generation, enough to power 45,000 homes. WPS and Madison Gas and Electric are joint owners of Two Creeks Solar Park.

Two Creeks Solar Park produces affordable, reliable and clean energy throughout the year. Its solar panels are attached to a tracking system that rotates to follow the path of the sun from sunrise to sunset each day. A series of electric cables and equipment convert the facility’s solar energy to electricity used by homes and businesses throughout the year.

Two Creeks Solar Park is an important part of the commitment of WPS and its parent company, WEC Energy Group, to build a bright, sustainable future.WPS also owns and operates several other solar, wind and hydroelectric facilities in Wisconsin and Iowa.