Providing a property site sketch

We want to make applying for new electric and/or natural gas service easy and hassle-free. One of the most critical pieces of information we need to have, within 3 business days of applying for new service, is a completed property site sketch and liability waiver form. Work will not proceed on your service installation until a completed form is received by WPS.

The detailed property site sketch and liability waiver must contain the following, if applicable:

  • Signature of the property owner or the authorized representative.
  • Customer name, service address, city, state, ZIP code, and phone number.
  • Name of road the building front faces and nearest crossroad.
  • Building site dimensions in feet.
  • Footage building is set back from road and lot lines.
  • Footprint of structure.
  • North orientation.
  • Desired electric and gas meter locations and footages from nearest corner of livable space (Indicate E and/or G). Note: Position the meter locations to avoid any conflicts with building openings and sources of ignition. The company will make final determination of meter location based on applicable building, fuel and electrical codes.
  • Wells and private water lines including underground sprinkler systems with connecting lines to the buildings.
  • Municipal water and sewer laterals.
  • Septic tank with primary and alternate drain fields (private sanitary system) with connecting lines to building.
  • LP fuel lines/tanks with connecting lines to buildings.
  • External wood furnaces and associated buried heating with connecting lines to buildings.
  • Geo thermal heat pumps with connecting lines to buildings.
  • Buried sump pump lines and down spouts.
  • Location of porches, patios, decks and outbuildings (including future plans).
  • Location of all private underground facilities, including, but not limited to: private fuel runs, private electric wires, private communication wires and others.

Complete the property site sketch and liability waiver form and return it to:

Wisconsin Public Service
P.O. Box 19001
Green Bay, WI 54307-9001
Fax: 866-430-6021