Natural gas rates for Wisconsin farms

Who is this rate for?

Seasonal Opportunity Sales Service is for businesses in Wisconsin that use natural gas five months or less from May 1 through Oct. 31, including:

  • Agribusinesses using grain dryers
  • Seasonal canning companies
  • Asphalt plants

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How reliable is my natural gas service?

Seasonal opportunity sales service provides interruptible gas service for your operation. This means gas service to your operation can be interrupted in an emergency or when demand is very high. In return, you pay less than customers who receive firm gas service.

As with any gas service, unexpected events may also occur (such as a severe storm or a contractor digging into a gas line) that make it impossible to deliver gas to your operation. When this happens, WPS responds immediately to restore service.

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What charges are involved?

Two types of charges appear on your monthly gas bill:

Local distribution service

Local distribution service is made up of fixed and volumetric charges.

  • The Fixed Charge covers many costs of safe, reliable delivery of natural gas. These costs exist regardless of how much gas a customer uses. For example, fixed costs include:
    • The gas piping that's required to deliver gas
    • Labor and supplies required to maintain the gas main
    • Labor and supplies to read the meter
    • Qualified people to respond to gas emergencies
  • The Fixed Charge is the same for all customers with similar gas use.
  • The Volumetric Charge on your bill varies each month based on how many therms of gas you use.

Local distribution service charges on your gas bill

Annual natural gas usage (customer class) Fixed Charge Volumetric Charge
Up to 200,000 therms (Cg-FM) $150.00 per month $0.0792 per therm
200,001 or more therms (Cg-FL) $656.00 per month $0.0389 per therm

* The monthly Fixed Charge is billed only during the months when you use more than 30 therms of gas since your last bill. If your gas usage exceeds 30 therms of gas for more than five months in a rolling 12-month period, your bill will include the Fixed Charge each month until your gas consumption returns to a level where you use more than 30 therms of gas only five months or less out of each rolling 12-month period.

Gas supply service

Gas supply service is the purchase, transportation and storage of gas, as well as the management of gas supplies for our customers. It includes:

  • Gas Supply Acquisition Service - The purchase and management of gas supplies, as well as the carrying costs of gas bought in the summer and stored for winter use.
  • Natural Gas Costs - The actual price we pay to purchase gas from suppliers, including the costs of interstate pipeline transportation and storage services (These charges vary each month with the market price of natural gas.)

Please note: WPS does not profit from the price of gas, which appears on your bill as Natural Gas Costs. This charge reflects the actual cost for gas incurred by WPS.

Several factors can influence your monthly gas use. Major factors that can be measured by WPS are summarized in the lower left-hand corner of your monthly bill.

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