Scroll compressors

On a dairy farm, the milk cooling system keeps milk at the proper temperature. While this equipment is critical, it also can be expensive to operate. One way to maintain or improve quality and cut costs is to switch from standard compressors to scroll compressors.

The benefits of scroll compressors

Scroll compressors can reduce costs, streamline operations and improve milk quality.

  • Use less energy - They use about 30 percent less electricity than conventional models, and can run on single-phase electricity.
  • Run quieter - Scroll compressors have only one moving part so they run at lower decibel levels and vibrate less than a standard compressor.
  • More durable and reliable - Scroll compressors last longer than conventional compressors because they have no seals to tear and need no lubrication. They also operate well in cool weather and do not require crankcase heaters. Additionally, scroll compressors can start under any system load, so you do not need a start kit.
  • Better control over milk quality - Scroll compressors have few mechanical parts. Their simple design makes them very reliable in keeping milk cooled at a consistent temperature and controlling bacteria.

How the scroll compressor works

In a milk cooling system, the compressor reduces, pumps and cycles refrigerant through the cooling system. The scroll compressor features dual spinning scrolls that compress and move refrigerant more efficiently and reliably than traditional compressors. Scroll compressors have performed very well in various industries for many years.

Although scroll compressors have fewer breakdowns than conventional compressors, it is still important to have this equipment inspected regularly by a qualified professional. Dust and other debris can build up on refrigeration equipment and impede energy efficiency. Clean units use up to 5 percent less energy than those that are dirty, according to a study by the University of Wisconsin.

For more information

To learn more about how scroll compressors can help you reduce the cost of cooling milk, contact us. You may want to ask about additional energy-saving measures that can help you realize higher profits on your dairy operation.