Energy efficiency for your farm

Energy-efficient equipment can help manage your farm's energy costs by using less electricity. Your WPS agricultural consultant can help calculate potential savings and answer your questions.

Compressed Air

  • Dairy farm compressed air
    When you have important work to do every day, you need your compressed air system to operate properly. A system that’s well taken care of will function better, last longer and save energy.


Methane generation

Milk cooling

  • Scroll compressors
    Scroll compressors use about 30 percent less electricity than conventional compressors.
  • In-line milk cooling
    In-line milk cooling can save money by using less electricity.
  • Milk precooler calculator
    Reduce energy costs by 20 to 30 percent by precooling milk with well water before it reaches the bulk tank.

Milking equipment

  • Vacuum pump technology
    Milking equipment uses a lot of energy on dairy farms. Now there's a way to cut those energy costs in half.
  • Vacuum pump calculator
    Reduce energy use during milking by up to 50 percent with a variable speed drive that attaches to your vacuum pump.


Other equipment

  • Tractor heater timers
    Use this calculator to estimate how much you can save on energy costs by using timers on your tractor engine block heaters.