Energy-saving tips

Reduce your energy use and energy bills by making some changes around your home.

  • Appliance tips
    The cost to run your household appliances is a large enough part of your energy budget that taking steps to use less can really pay off.
  • Cooling tips
    Cooling accounts for about 17% of your home's annual energy bill. But, with a little know-how, you can cut costs significantly without sacrificing your cool summer comfort.
  • Electronics tips
    Consumer electronic products are responsible for approximately 15% of today's household electricity use. You can reduce that energy use and your bill with a little know-how.
  • Heating tips
    Improve your furnace's efficiency to minimize heating costs, which are nearly 30% of your energy bill.
  • Lighting tips
    Learn how to reduce your energy bill, while keeping your home comfortable and warmly lit.
  • Water heating tips
    Take steps now to improve your water-heating equipment's efficiency.
  • Holiday energy-saving tips
    Find ways to reduce your energy bills during the holiday season.
  • Value of natural gas
    Find out why more than 177 million Americans choose natural gas for their everyday energy needs.
  • Watts Up Meter
    Measure the power (in Watts) your home appliances and electronics use.