Electronics tips

Shut down energy waste

Consumer electronic products are responsible for approximately 15% of today's household electricity use. You can reduce that energy use and your bill with a little know-how.

Electronics tips Skill level Cost range Savings
Use a home energy management system.
Go high-tech and enjoy the convenience of managing your electricity use anywhere, anytime.
Advanced to professional $100 and up Varies
Use power strips to avoid phantom loads.
Stop energy waste and keep your home safe by turning off electronics with one switch.
Basic $6-$50 Varies
Purchase ENERGY STAR® certified home electronics.
Make your home electronics 30 to 65% (or more!) energy efficient by purchasing ENERGY STAR.
Basic $400+ 30%-65%
Adjust power-management settings on computers and monitors.
Maximize home office energy efficiency by learning which settings save you the most money.
Basic Free Up to 70%
Use rechargeable batteries.
Rechargeable batteries are more energy-and cost-efficient, and keep disposable batteries out of landfills.
Basic $10-$30 Up to 35%