Use a home energy management system

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, the average American household uses 24 electronics items; this can make it difficult to manage energy use. A home energy management system integrates a smart thermostat, power sockets and power strips into a single energy control system. Plug in your electronics to see how much energy they use, then manage your electronics, lights and air conditioning from a touch-screen display in your home, or remotely through a mobile app or online.

Skill level: Advanced to professional
Installing a home energy management system is possible for some homeowners, but others will want at least the thermostat professionally installed and set up.
Cost range: $100 and up
From basic smart thermostats to whole-house systems with components that "communicate" with each other, home energy management systems can make sense for those who truly want to minimize energy consumption.
Savings: Varies
Combining high-tech energy management with other money-saving tips is a powerful way to start cutting into the $2,200 the average homeowner spends on energy each year.