Purchase ENERGY STAR certified home electronics

Looking for another way to make your home an energy-efficient one? Consider replacing standard electronics with ENERGY STAR® certified models. Start with the most-used electronics in your home, such as your computer or television, to recover your investment more quickly.

Skill level: Basic
No more skill required than to find the ENERGY STAR label on the box, and rest assured you're saving energy and money.
Cost range: $400+
Although ENERGY STAR certified electronics often cost more initially, they can pay the difference over time in energy savings.
Savings: 30%-65% in energy (computers); 40% in energy (TVs)
Choose an ENERGY STAR certified TV, which is at least 40% more efficient than standard models, with larger models having to meet even more stringent standards to earn the label. Using an ENERGY STAR labeled computer can use 30 to 65% less energy than computers without this designation, depending on how much it's used.