CP Response Rewards

A great opportunity to reward yourself with savings

WPS is making a special offer to those currently signed up for the CP Time-of-Use Electric Rate program. Called Response Rewards, this innovative pilot program enhances your Time-of-Use experience and gives you another opportunity to manage your monthly energy costs when you help us reduce the load on the power grid.

Greater savings opportunities

The idea behind Response Rewards is simple. In addition to On-Peak and Off-Peak hours, we've designated a third energy-management period as Critical Peak Pricing (CPP). Comprised of no more than 300 hours per year, CPP represents times of high energy cost.

Businesses in the Response Rewards program benefit by planning all or most of their energy use at times other than CPP hours, thereby avoiding those higher rates and easing pressure on the system-wide power grid. As an extra incentive, we reward those who take part in Response Rewards with Off-Peak and On-Peak rates that are lower than the rates you are paying right now.

Comparing CP and Response Rewards energy rates

Easy notification

When CPP is approaching, we'll send a message to your phone (by voice or text), email address, or fax. For the next 2 to 8 hours, if you take steps to reduce your energy use, you'll benefit from significant savings. When CPP is ending, we'll notify you in the same way.

If you like what Time-of-Use is doing for your energy costs, you'll appreciate Response Rewards even more. If you sign up and are able to limit energy use during CPP, you'll have a very real opportunity to realize significant savings throughout the course of the year.

Critical-peak hours year-to-date


Still have questions about the Response Rewards program? Check out these frequently asked questions or contact us.