New service installation requirements

Complete a residential service installation application at least one week prior to foundation excavation.
Residential service application

Before services and meters can be installed, the following conditions must be met:

  • Property site sketch and liability waiver form submitted with service application, or within 3 business days
    Property site sketch and liability waiver form
  • Construction site and building foundation back-filled to within 6" of final grade
  • 10-foot wide service route cleared of brush, building materials, etc.
  • Electric meter base installed
  • Gas meter location clearly marked on foundation or external building wall
  • Private underground facilities marked and paths located
  • Inspection report from State of Wisconsin certified electrical inspector, or a wiring compliance statement from electrician, received by us before energizing electrical service
  • Easements signed and on file with us, if we determine necessity
  • Service installation charges over $20 paid in advance of construction (charges $20 or less aree waived)