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New construction or upgrades

Applications and requirements for installing electric and/or natural gas at your home.

Installation guide

Step-by-step installation process and checklist
New service requirements


Apply for residential serviceor PDF form

Upgrading or relocating existing service

Note: Review applications with your builder and/or contractor for accuracy before submitting.

Service installation steps

  1. Review meter placement and new service requirements.
    Meter placement diagrams
  2. Submit completed service application at least one week prior to excavation.
  3. Submit completed property site sketch and liability waiver along with application, or within three business days.
    Tips for providing a property site sketch
    Property site sketch and liability waiver
  4. Plan time for permits, easements and inspections.
  5. Prepare building site.
  6. Contact us when you complete all requirements and are ready to schedule installation.

Clear communication about service installation helps complete work more quickly and efficiently. Overlooked details may increase costs and lengthen construction times. All service installation charges over $20 must be paid in advance of installation. If you have questions, contact your WPS representative or call 800-242-9772.


An inspection by a State of Wisconsin certified inspector is required for all new one- and two-family homes. Requirements by local municipalities vary for service relocates and service upgrades. Check with your local municipality to determine requirements for either an inspection or a certificate of compliance from an electrician.

Send completed inspections (Use any method)


Some projects will require working on a neighbor’s property. Before we can do any work, provide an easement. This legal document specifically gives the legal land description and the description of the area needed to install our natural gas and/or electric facilities. After signed and notarized, the document will be recorded as a permanent record at the local courthouse. When that process is complete, we can move forward with your project.

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For answers to questions about application requirements and filing, contact us:
New service installation

800-242-9772, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday (CST).

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