Vegetation management

WPS is concerned with keeping existing trees trimmed away from power lines AND with planting the "right" tree in the "right" place.

Trimming existing trees

WPS works with the Asplundh Tree Expert Company to implement its tree trimming plan. We serve more than 15,000 miles of electric distribution lines in 19 counties. This includes the heavily forested areas in northern Wisconsin.

On an average day, there are approximately 25 tree crews pruning and removing trees for WPS. That means 22 bucket-type vehicles with 2 workers each and 3 backyard crews with 3 workers each.

Planting the "right" tree in the "right" place

You can prevent potential problems with power lines by knowing what kind of tree to plant and where to plant it. Plant taller trees away from overhead utility lines.

Courtesy: Arbor Day Foundation

First select the proper species, and then choose the proper location to plant it. See the diagram for more details.

Once you pick the location, call before you dig to ensure there are no underground utility services in that area.